Customer Feedback by Text

ChattBack allows customers to privately SMS Text message your business with compliments, complaints and questions, like a mobile comment card.  Business owners can reply directly to customers, forward to staff or review messages later.  Resolve customer issues, boost online ratings and build loyalty.
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Some of our Clients...

Business Benefits

  • Instant Relevant Feedback
  • Reply Direct to Customers
  • Avoid Bad Online Reviews
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Motivate your Staff
  • No Apps just Text!

Client Video

ChattBack launches at The District
Social House bar and restaurant.

Owner and Chef Paul Mon-Kau: "I use
ChattBack to give my customers the opportunity to communicate with me
directly and anonymously"
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"I can directly engage unhappy
customers whom I'd normally never hear from. If I retain just one customer per month with ChattBack it's more than worth it."
Kyle O'Genski, Manager Mr. Mikes Restaurant Chain
"The response has been great and it's fun to interact with customers and establish a real connection. I can reply right away or review and respond later to select feedback"
Paul Mon-Kau, Owner The District
"I can manage feedback from multiple university locations and ChattBack is a flexible platform for offering instant incentives, contests and promotions without apps or expensive shortcodes"
Annalisa Purser, Marketing Manager University of Utah
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